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Carer’s Grant

Please note this information about the Carer’s Grant:

Parents and carers of children with SEN, from global learning difficulties to Autism and more significant difficulties including medical conditions from allergies and asthma through to significant medical needs, can apply for this grant.  The grant can be up to £300 although in some instances this can be more depending on need.

Parents must be prepared to provide information about themselves and the child/children and be willing to be put on the carers register as part of the process. They must also be able to provide the reasons they are experiencing difficulties/hardship – this can be from issues like social isolation of the carer, need for resources for home learning, tablets, laptops, books etc. and even assistance with for example: replacing a broken hoover for a family where a child has allergies – all matters will be considered and put to the panel. The grant does not cover bills and debts although parents with this need can contact the centre for help and advice.

Parents and carers can register their interest in this grant by contacting NPT Carers Centre on 01639 642277.