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Reception Hearing Screening

Please read the following letter from the School Nursing Service for Reception Pupils only:

Dear Parent/Guardian,

 A Hearing Screener will be attending your child’s school during the academic year to routinely test the children’s hearing.

 IMPORTANT – If you child has an peritoventricular shunt, please contact the Audiology department on 01792 285270 or

 What does the test involve? The test will be completed by an experienced Childrens’ Hearing Screener who will place headphones on your child’s ears and will teach them to respond when they hear a sound.

Will I be told the result? You will ONLY be informed if your child does not pass the test.

If my child does not pass the test what happens next? If your child does not pass the test, we will let you know and will probably want to re-test your child’s hearing in around 6 -8 weeks.  This is because temporary hearing losses are common in children, especially if they have coughs and colds. Also, some children may be too shy or nervous to complete the test on the first occasion but may be more confident during the second test.

If you do not wish your child to have this important test, you should inform the Head Teacher in writing immediately.

It is helpful for us to share the information about your child’s test result with the school. If you do not wish us to do this please inform us on the telephone number above.

Yours sincerely

Hearing Screening Service