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Superschool Rumour

Dear Parents and Carers,

There has recently been a news article about plans to close Cilffriw Primary, Catwg Primary and Llangatwg Comprehensive to create a “superschool”.  The news article reported that the council had discussed and agreed this decision.

There is NO plan to close our school to create a superschool.  I have met with Cllr. Mrs Doreen Jones and this plan has never even been brought to the council, let alone discussed or agreed.  Unfortunately, we live in an era where there is so much false news around that we don’t know who to believe.  Junior children all had an assembly this term on the topic: Don’t believe everything you see or hear.  It is sad that we now live in a world where we can’t trust the media.

Please be reassured that we are not closing.  You will know if we are because I will be out the front chained to the railings!  If an article like this ever appears again, please contact me straight away so that I can correct any false information.

Thank you again for your support – we are a very lucky school.  Have a wonderful summer!

Yours sincerely,

Mark Quin