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Bug Club

Bug Club Family

Cilffriw Primary School have a very exciting reading scheme called Bug Club which is available for all children throughout the school.  We hope that you and your child will love these books and enjoy reading them at home.


Bug Club Parents’ Letter 2020


What is Bug Club?

Bug Club is a finely levelled reading scheme, which ensures that all children can find books at exactly the right level for them.  It is an e-book reading scheme that your child will use for independent reading at home throughout the week. Each child has a unique homepage and can log into it by following these steps:

  1.     Go to
  2.     Enter your child’s login details (provided by the class teacher)
  3.     The school code is xwcx
  4.     Your child’s homepage will appear.


Getting involved as a parent

  • Look at the book cover and talk about your child’s expectations. Is the book likely to be fiction or non-fiction? Have you read other books together about these characters or by this author? What does your child think the book is going to be about?
  • Support your child when unknown words need tackling: you can sound them out, split them into syllables, or identify suffixes and prefixes. Remind your child to listen to the words while reading them, to make sure that they make sense. Have a ‘meaning check’ every now and again to ensure that your child understands the text.
  • Talk about the book. What was it about? Did it match your child’s expectations? Ask questions beginning with the words how and why to check that your child has been able to read between the lines. Ask whether anything seemed puzzling. Then ask your child to explain what the best and worst bits of the book were, and why.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
We hope you enjoy reading with Bug Club!  
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These videos share the benefits of Bug Club and information on how to access eBooks from home. 


What is Bug Club and what are the benefits?

How to use the eBooks

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Having trouble logging in?

Bug Club strongly recommends using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers with ActiveLearn.  Other web browsers will require you to allow cookies in order to log in.

How do I enable cookies?

Cookies are files from websites that store your browsing information, including preferences and profile. To sign in or link accounts, you need to enable third-party cookies.

  • Chrome and Firefox: Enable all cookies or add an exception for
  • Internet Explorer: Enable all cookies or add exceptions for pi.pearsoned.comand
  • Safari and Edge: Enable all cookies.

If you still have trouble, try deleting browser cached files.