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Online Safety for Parents and Carers

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Keeping your child safe when they are online is one of the most important aspects of parenting in today’s world.  It is very important to keep up to date with the ever-changing dangers that the internet presents to young people.


Online Safety for Parents & Children | Ranelagh Primary School


This is the link to the Online Safety for Parents and Carers area of HWB.  Click on the network icon below.

All Online Safety resources and information on HWB are regularly updated and are approved by the Welsh Government.


Another useful site is Net Aware which is run by O2 and NSPCC.  This resources gives advice on many APPs that may seem innocent but can make your child vulnerable to hidden dangers such as bullying, inappropriate photos and videos, and offensive or violent language.

This is the link to Net Aware – click on the image below.


We will now be starting live “Check-in” sessions to allow teachers and pupils to meet to discuss their experiences, successes and needs, and for them to see their school friends.  Please click on the image below to read our live check-in session regulations: