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Wrap Around Care

Breakfast Club starts at 8:20 am every morning and is free to all pupils.  Cereal, toast and drinks are provided.  If you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club, you do not need to make a booking – just bring your child(ren) to the Nursery door between 8:20 and 8:40 am.  A member of staff will greet all children and accompany them to Breakfast Club.  There is a safe handover procedure for children so that when they leave Breakfast Club they are accompanied to their classrooms.

If you require after-school childcare, we offer a collection service to Once Upon a Time.  They are a well-established and registered childcare provider that is based in Tonnau School.  Children are collected by Once Upon a Time at the end of the day, and then safely transported to Tonnau.  You then collect your child(ren) from Once Upon a Time in Tonnau.  If you would like to organise after school childcare for your child, please ring 07743 379395 or click on the link on the link below for the website:

We are also working with the Childcare Development Team to establish a new provision here in Cilffriw.  We hope to have a registered childcare provider established in our school setting soon.

If you have any questions about wrap-around care, please contact Mr. Quin or Mrs. Uzzell at the school office on 01639 630816.