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Safeguarding children is at the heart of everything we do in Cilffriw Primary.  All children need to be safe, and to feel safe, from physical and emotional harm:

  • safe to learn in class, play outdoors and move around the school, knowing that there are rules and routines in place that protect them from danger.
  • safe that in the case of an accident or illness, they will have first aid or medical attention given by a trained member of staff.
  • safe to experiment in their learning, explore ideas and make mistakes that they can learn from, knowing that they will always be supported and encouraged.
  • safe to learn about healthy relationships, in the knowledge that staff and other pupils will be polite, respectful and considerate.
  • safe to be themselves, knowing that they will be treated as an individual with their own personality, talents, strengths and needs that will be be supported and encouraged with respect.
  • safe to talk to any member of staff about their worries, in the knowledge that they will be listened to with respect and have their concerns taken seriously.
  • safe that if there is ever a serious concern for a child’s safety or wellbeing, all staff are trained in Child Protection Procedures, and all concerns are reported to the Designated Safeguarding Persons.  Concerns are carefully recorded and logged, and are acted on promptly, with immediate referral to social services (SPOC Team) for concerns of a child protection nature.

All safeguarding policies are reviewed annually and can be found here: Documents and Policies

Safeguarding information for visitors can be found Here
Safeguarding information for parents can be found Here