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Boys’ uniform

 Navy trousers or shorts, white or navy polo shirt and navy jumper.


Girls’ uniform 

Navy trousers, skirt or shorts, white or navy polo shirt, navy or white cardigan or navy jumper, blue and white checked summer dresses.


Please ensure that your child has sensible shoes with good grip on the soles.  We would prefer all children to wear trainers so that they are always safe on the yards and on Cilffriw’s many stairs and steps!

For special events and photographs, an attractive alternative is a white shirt and school tie.  If you would like to buy a blue and white school tie, they are available from school at a cost of £2.50.


School Uniform Suppliers

Embroidered uniform is available from Sportec in Unit 5, Abbey Road Industrial Estate, Neath (01639 632250).  Website:

Here is the direct link to the school uniform page on our website.

Embroidered uniform is also available from