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Class 8

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Click here for September 2021 Back to School Letter

Our Autumn term topic is called Revolution. We will be learning all about The Victorians.

Our Spring term topic is called …

Our Summer term topic is called …


In Class 8, homework will be shared on a Monday and will need to be completed by Friday.

In order to remain as safe as possible in the current climate we will also be sharing all homework on Hwb.

You will find a video guide below, which will help you and your child find, edit and save homework.  There will be no need to print anything out.  In some cases, the homework may not need to be edited on Hwb and could be a creative task which can be completed at home.  In this case, photographs can be uploaded to ‘My Files’ for the teacher to see.

Click here to find out how to do your homework on Hwb

04.10.21 We learnt about Dr Snow, who lived in Victorian times. He investigated the 1854 Cholera Outbreak and collected data to show that the disease was caught from dirty water. This helped scientists to develop ways of finding out about illnesses which we still use today. His work also led to better sewage systems being invented. We tried to clean dirty water then discussed how diseases spread. We found out how difficult it is to clean water and learnt about different ways that diseases can spread. Then we used glitter gel to check how well we wash our hands.

Photo Gallery

This is our Word Wizard Wall. We are introduced to new words through stories or discussion in class. If we use these words around school correctly, we become a ‘Word Wizard’ and can wear a Word Wizard badge for the rest of the week.

This is our Narrative Wall. We are learning how to retell events and stories clearly.