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Class 8

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Welcome to Class 8 at Cilffriw Primary School. We are a small class for children from Year 4-6 who have been allocated a place due to their Speech, Language and Communication Needs, including Developmental Language Disorder and Speech Sound Disorders. They are taught by a specialist teacher with specific additional qualifications relating to language and communication needs in children, alongside an experienced teaching assistant. A speech therapist is also based in the school for one day a week to assess and set individual programmes for each child in the Learning Support Centre. 

Children follow the curriculum but receive additional support for their needs within the class. They also integrate into the mainstream classes during the afternoons to support them socially and prepare them for the wider world. 

Below are some links to charities providing support for families of children with speech, language and communication needs as well as pictures of the classroom. 

Useful Links:

Click on the links below for further information and support for parents of children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs. 

Afasic – Voice for Life

Classroom Gallery

This is our Narrative Wall. We are learning how to retell events and stories clearly.

This is our Word Wall. We learn new words using Word Aware and practise using them as much as possible.

This is our Maths Wall. It shows examples of models we can use to support our maths and also includes concept vocabulary that we use to talk about our work.

Play the video below to see more of the classroom:

In Class 8, homework will be shared on a Monday and will need to be completed by Friday.
 Pupils  complete their weekly homework on Microsoft Teams. Your child will log into HWB as normal and access Microsoft Teams from the office 365 applications. Please read the guidance sheets and watch the video created by Mrs Lloyd to help you get started:
Click here for Microsoft Teams Help Sheets
Click here for Microsoft Teams Help Video