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Year 5


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Welcome to our Year 5 class page! 

My name is Mr. Tay and I am the Year 5 class teacher.  I am responsible for developing sport and Welsh in the school.  Here are some photos of my classroom.  In Year 5 we have plenty of space and three areas to work in.  There is a room where we all learn together and use the C-Touch board, an area for investigations and independent challenges, and a wet area for art.  We are right beside the Year 5 and Year 6 library and toilets, so we never have to go far!


All teachers in Cilffriw Primary School work on the same concept each term.  That way, all pupils in the school can celebrate our learning together with a rich task at the end of term. 

Our concept for the Spring Term is POWER.  This term the rich task will be a science fair where children will present models and use them to explain scientific processes.  This year, we will be holding the science fair only for pupils, but we hope to invite parents in the future.

In Year 5, homework will be shared on a Monday and will need to be completed by Friday.

All pupils will now complete their weekly homework on Microsoft Teams. Your child will log into HWB as normal and access Microsoft Teams from the office 365 applications. Please read the guidance sheets and watch the video created by Mrs Lloyd to help you get started:

Click here for Microsoft Teams Help Sheets

Click here for Microsoft Teams Help Video